Why Can’t I See “Last Active” on Facebook Messenger?

Why Can’t I See “Last Active” on Facebook Messenger?

The “Last Active” popularity permits you to look whilst a person changed into closing online on Facebook Messenger.

For example, if a person changed into closing online 22 mins ago, you’ll see a standing that says “Active 22 m ago”.

After Orkut and Hi5, it changed into Facebook got here to the scene and shortly took over the social media area completely. I suppose no millennial can deny the energy and impact of Facebook on their developing up/teenage years.

We all have our percentage of sweet, bittersweet, nostalgic reminiscences related to Facebook. With billions of customers and a fantastically proportional bite of private information, of all the one’s humans, Facebook is the finest repository of information records.

In mild of that, this utility keeps to provide you with numerous methods to stable and shield person records. It is an obligation implicitly incumbent on all social media structures to enhance protection and safety capabilities to guard the hobby of the customers.

This popularity may be located below the character’s call while you open your chat with them.

On the opposite hand, if the character is lively now, you’ll see an inexperienced dot on their profile photo.

Facebook messenger is some other thrilling part of the Facebook web page that permits customers to hook up with their buddies and own circle of relatives in a greater private manner. Through a Facebook messenger, you have the access of messaging someone and inquire or know approximately their well-being if they doing good these days, whereabouts and certainly make social but private communications with yours close.

However, the “Last Active” popularity does now no longer display for everyone.

In this article, you’ll analyze why you couldn’t see the “Last Active” popularity on Facebook Messenger.

Most folks are acquainted with the ‘closing lively’ popularity of someone on Facebook messenger. It is typically displayed beneath Neath the call of the character while you open your non-public chat with them.

If the character is online their profile photo may have an inexperienced dot subsequent to it implying that the character is online. But at times, you may not be capable of seeing that the ‘Last lively’ popularity of the character.

Before we start to talk approximately the number one situation matter, let’s talk about Facebook’s number one advantages and drawback

Here I’m going to study the number one deserves and risks, execs, and cons of Facebook.


Advantages & Disadvantages of Facebook —

From a marketing and marketing issue of view, Facebook is valuable to create an emblem now no longer only for humans but moreover for businesses at the global level.

The Facebook blessings embody as social networking pro offers blessings for businesses and those too, inclusive of making a group, talking to clients, making an event, wall stickers, reliable structures, and records feed, etc. you could meet new people & have the expertise of several places, traditions & culture.

No doubt, Facebook is proven to a first-rate opportunity to connect with the world the one’s days. Moreover, now you could get proper access to Facebook free without the Internet from any sort of cell tool.

Most people use FB in regular existence; even many people spend hours-&-hours on Facebook. But there are advantages/risks to social networking sites; it’s now crucial now no longer to get addicted to them.

And proper right here is the actual hole withinside the transport that brings the drawbacks of social media marketing and marketing following FB as risks of Facebook for the company. Today this text will list all execs & cons of Facebook usage.



1. Better Socializing – Facebook is changing the way we suppose & feel.
You can connect to the world with the aid of using certainly signing in to Facebook. You get facts about several sectors, peoples, their cultures, and religion; it’s a social platform wherein the world comes collectively. Facebook is not a social network anymore. Sometimes it is able to be a better matrimony internet site online or an advanced version of pen buddy world.

2. Chatting: A better Internet communication.
Fb offers you the chat opportunity so that you can talk collectively together with your friends, your personal circle of relative’s individuals thru FB certainly thru the usage of your laptop, & even collectively together with your cell phones.

Facebook launched the Messenger app earlier for cell clients thru chatting purposes. Facebook can be used as a video chatting tool to talk with your friends and close ones to stay in touch.

With the implementation of the Skype partnership, Facebook has started out video chatting the usage of FB in-constructed video chat service. Moreover, with the usage of the WhatsApp video calling feature, you could make free video calls for your friends.

3. Find & invite your friends.
It’s the greatest element to find out your antique friends, & to hold in touch with them. The friend Finder feature helps you to find out your friends, with their names or electronic mail addresses. You can see their photos, updates & protection up to date with what they are doing.

4. Business promotion.
It is one of the biggest and best advantages of Facebook to this day. Through FB ads & fan pages, you could marketplace your company. It helps you to preserve an excellent relationship collectively together with your clients. This is in fact crucial as in a company you could sell or promote your products or services to the targeted audience & boom your emblem value & social media presence to your company.




1. “Facebook Addiction” A new disorder.
There are many, who is addicted to FB. People certainly start living in this virtual world & spend hour & hours on Facebook.

Due to this, a brand-new shape of the disorder has moreover come into human existence i.e., Facebook dependency disorder in which a person spends an extended manner too much time on Facebook, has a problem decreasing again.

Furthermore, this disorder keeps you at some distance from real people and in the end developing issues with real-existence relationships, relatives, school, or career.

2. The fight keeps in competition to fake profiles & phishing bots.
Opening an account, growing a fake profile & ID is simple for everybody on Facebook. And there can be no restriction to one’s fake profiles.

There are such a whole lot of times of harassment & abuse which is probably often formulated thru fake debts. Once you get into this trap, it is probably very dangerous.

Many times, were stated about the one’s fake debts, bullying, stalking, blackmailing, due to which many lives were destroyed especially, teenagers.

3. Scams are spreading like fire.
Suspicious emails, messages & notifications are the most widely used trick to hack your account & to get your non-public facts thru the usage of the phishing net webpage or website that looks just like the genuine Facebook internet site online.

Hackers deliver non-prevent emails soliciting login records to check your newsfeed, new photos of their friends, & something corresponding to this. When you open that net website or web page, with the link given in that electronic mail, it 100% looks as if genuine Facebook. And the customer didn’t even understand that the hackers are stealing his account records. In this way, the scammers are trapping loads of people on FB.

People received some scam messages from scammers & ask for something approximately your monetary group records with the aid of using telling them that they have got received some prizes & you are the lucky customer.

4. Can’t preserve subjects privately.
People in the interim are used to reportedly sharing fewer non-public updates on Facebook. The updates from you, about your personal existence, are to be had in terms of the notification of your friends & unique friends of friends just so your privacy is compromised mechanically.

It’s a fact if you see, every breakup, makeup, adventures, emotions are uploaded up there & the number one cause in the back of this is most obvious to are searching for the attention of the people & to get percentage & be social, get likes, & feedback. It’s a cycle that while you start updating about everything, then you could prevent yourself in addition anymore.

Topics that we going to discover can be:

1. Why can’t I see “Last Active” on Facebook Messenger?
2. How can you inform if someone has turned off their status on Messenger?
3. How can I see hidden last seen on Messenger?


Why can’t I see “Last Active” on Facebook Messenger?

You can’t see the “Last Active” popularity on Facebook Messenger both due to the fact the character has grown to become it off, or you’re blocked.

It can also suggest that the character has now no longer been on Facebook for an extended time (greater than 24 hours).

If the character grew to become off their “Last Active” popularity, you won’t be capable of seeing it.

The character will now no longer be capable of seeing your popularity as well.

Secondly, if the character blocked you on Messenger, their “Last Active” popularity will now no longer be proven to you.

The popularity will be best displayed in the event that they unblocked you.

Lastly, if a person has now no longer been on Facebook for an extended time (e.g., greater than 24 hours, three days, 1 week), their “Last Active” popularity will now no longer be proven.

Below are the motives (in detail) why you couldn’t see whilst a person changed into closing lively on Facebook Messenger.


1. The character grew to become off their “Active Status”

The “Shown while you’re lively” placing is disabled.

The first motive is that the character grew to become off their “Active Status”.

This is the maximum not unusual place motive why you couldn’t see whilst a person changed into closing lively on Facebook Messenger.

Facebook has a privateness function that permits you to cover your lively popularity.

The placing may be located at the Messenger app while your click for your profile photo.

After you’ve tapped for your profile photo, you’ll see an alternative called “Active Status”.

When the popularity is growing to become on, your buddies and contacts can be capable of understanding while you have been closing lively on Facebook Messenger.

If the popularity is growing to become off, it’s going to know no longer be proven for your buddies and contacts.

The best setback to turning the popularity off is which you won’t be capable of seeing whilst your buddies and contacts are closing lively as well.


2. You’re blocked

You’re blocked with the aid of using the character.

If you’re blocked on Facebook Messenger, you won’t be capable of seeing the character’s “Last Active” popularity.

In addition, the character won’t acquire any messages or calls from you.

To show this theory, I carried out a check on the use of Facebook debts:

Firstly, I logged into Facebook debts to make sure that they’re each lively.
Using the primary account, I checked the lively popularity of the second account.
The 2nd account has an inexperienced dot on its profile photo.
Next, I switched to the second account and blocked the primary account.
Lastly, I switched again to the primary account and checked the second account’s popularity.
The 2nd account’s popularity is now no longer proven.

This check proved that the “Active Status” will now no longer be proven if the character blocked you on Facebook Messenger.

However, if the character unblocked you, their popularity can be proven once more.

You can genuinely test in case you are blocked with the aid of using asking a pal or relative who is probably not an unusual place among you and the person that may have blocked you to test their lively popularity.

If they’re capable of seeing the ‘closing lively popularity’ of this character on their Facebook then you definitely are simply blocked. Once that character unblocks you, you could see their ‘closing lively popularity once more.


3. The Person Hasn’t Come Online

If a person hasn’t come online for the closing 24 hours, then, there’s an excessive hazard that Facebook messenger may not be capable of stumbling on their ‘Last lively popularity’.

4. Check If your ‘Last Active’ Status is Turned On or not to get a fair idea.

If your ‘Last lively’ popularity is growing to become off then you’ll now no longer be capable of seeing the closing lively popularity of different humans on Facebook messenger. In order to test that

Open your Facebook messenger.
Tap for your profile photo.
Make certain that the ‘Show your lively popularity’ is grew to become on.

5. Check the community connection

This is going without pronouncing and it’s obvious. You want a solid wi-fi or cellular information connection so as for Messenger to paintings as intended. Now, you possibly don’t have system-extensive connectivity troubles, however, it’s really well worth checking if Facebook Messenger is permitted to apply to the community.

There are per-app community alternatives that could restrict get right of entry to Wi-Fi or Mobile information and also you want to test them out. Here’s what to do in case you are suspecting connectivity troubles for your tool:

1. Open Settings.
2. Select Apps & notifications (Apps).
three. Open All apps (App supervisor or Manage apps).
4. Open Messenger.
5. Select Mobile information & Wi-Fi (or something alongside the ones traces on different Android skins).
6. Make certain that the app is permitted to get the right of entry to Wi-Fi and Mobile Data. Also, permit the app to get the right of entry to the community withinside the historical past and disable all VPNs/Proxy gear you have.

6. Reinstall the application

If the preceding step failed and Messenger remains now no longer displaying Active popularity, make certain to reinstall the app. By doing so, you’ll mechanically get the present-day model and begin from scratch. Reinstalling Messenger hardly ever differs from clearing information, however, it’s really well worth a try.

Here’s a way to reinstall Facebook Messenger:

1. Navigate once more to Settings > Apps > All apps > Messenger.
2. Uninstall the app and clean cache and information whilst prompted.
three. Navigate to Play Store and set up the app.
4. Reboot your tool.
5. Log in once more.

7. Rollback the app to an older model
Now, rather than depending entirely on the respectable source, you could get any app model thru an APK.

Installing apps from third-celebration assets may be dangerous, however, there are secure websites that offer stable APKs for almost all Play Store apps.

But why might you do that? Well, if the difficulty isn’t always at the server-side, it is probably a malicious program withinside the modern model of the app. This may be addressed with the aid of using certainly downloading an older model of the app.

Alternatively, you could download a more recent model (Alpha or Beta release), however, we propose keeping off them and sticking to a current older model.

Here’s a way to rollback Facebook Messenger thru an APK:

1. Uninstall Facebook Messenger.
2. Navigate to APK Mirror, right here, or use any APK aggregator.
3. Download the APK. We propose that the APK isn’t always older than three months. You also can get a more recent Beta or Alpha model. Basically, something however the model you’re presently running (present-day solid).
4. Run the APK and permit the setup of third-celebration apps (unknown assets) for your tool whilst prompted.
5. Clear cache and information after which register together along with your credentials.

8. Use Facebook Messenger Lite
Finally, if Messenger remains now no longer displaying Last lively, you possibly ought to ship a price tag to Facebook (record the difficulty) and, for the time being, transfer to Facebook Messenger Lite. At least, till Facebook types out the problem. You can locate and download Facebook Messenger Lite at the Play Store, right here.

And, on that note, we will finish this article. Thank you for reading, test out our social media (Twitter and Facebook), and inform us approximately opportunity answers withinside the feedback segment beneath. We stay up for listening to you.



How can you inform if someone has turned off their status on Messenger?

Check the character’s pastime (e.g., posts, feedback) on Facebook.

You can inform if a person has grown to become off their popularity on Messenger with the aid of using searching at their Facebook pastime.

If the character lately published something on Facebook however their pastime popularity isn’t always proven, then they’ve maximum possibly grew to become off their lively popularity.

However, if the character has now no longer been on Facebook for an extended time, they may not have grown to become off their lively popularity.

Instead, their lively popularity isn’t always displayed due to their inactiveness (offline for greater than 24 hours) on Facebook.


How can I see hidden closing visible on Messenger?

Make certain that your “Active Status” is growing to become on.

To see hidden closing visible on Messenger, you want to show your “Active Status”.

After you’ve grown to become for your “Active Status”, you may be capable of seeing the closing visible of your buddies and contacts on Messenger.

However, you won’t be capable of seeing the closing visible of humans who’ve grown to become it off.

In addition, you won’t be capable of seeing the closing visible of humans who’ve blocked you.

Unfortunately, if a person has grown to become off their “Last Active” popularity, or has blocked you, there’s no manner to look their closing visible.



If you’re not able to look at the “Last Active” popularity on a person’s profile, it may not constantly suggest that they’ve disabled it.

It will be because of their extended inactiveness on Facebook.

Typically, whilst a person has now no longer logged into Facebook for greater than 24 hours, the “Last Active” popularity will now no longer be proven.

Even if the character did now no longer disable the “Last Active” popularity, Messenger will prevent displaying whilst the character changed into closing online after 24 hours.

However, if the character continuously posts on Facebook and their popularity isn’t always proven on Messenger, there’s an excessive hazard that they’ve disabled it.

There is probably an extensive sort of motives at the back of now no longer being capable of seeing a person’s ‘Last lively popularity’ on Facebook messenger. Though blockading is probably an opportunity however if you could see the relaxation of the posts and profile of the character then that character has both remained inactive on Facebook for greater than an afternoon or he/she has disabled their ‘Last lively’ popularity.

The best factor you could do to make certain that the closing lively popularity of your buddies/own circle of relatives is displayed is that you could activate your personal closing lively popularity on Facebook messenger to live abreast with different humans’ popularity.

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