iOS 18: Here are 10 Big New Features Coming to Your iPhone

Enhanced Privacy: iOS 18 brings improved privacy features, ensuring better protection of user data and increased control over app permissions.

Productivity Tools: The update includes enhancements to productivity tools, making tasks more efficient and streamlined for users.

Control Center Updates: iOS 18 introduces updates to the Control Center, providing easier access to essential functions and settings.

Notification Management: Users gain more control over notifications with refined management options, allowing for a more personalized and organized experience. – 

 Messaging Improvements: The Messages app receives new features and enhancements, enhancing communication capabilities with enriched messaging features.  

Safari Enhancements: Safari gets upgrades in iOS 18, offering a smoother and more intuitive browsing experience with improved performance and functionality.

Health and Fitness Features: iOS 18 brings enhancements to health and fitness features, providing users with better tracking, monitoring, and insights into their wellness.

Accessibility Enhancements: The update includes improvements to accessibility features, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for users with diverse needs.

Augmented Reality (AR) Updates: iOS 18 introduces updates to AR capabilities, enhancing the AR experience with new features and functionalities.

 Overall Performance: iOS 18 aims to improve overall system performance, stability, and efficiency, providing users with a smoother and more reliable operating system experience.