500+ Fun ‘This or That’ Questions to Spark Conversation

What are ‘This or That’ Questions?

‘This or That’ questions are simple, engaging queries that present two options, prompting the respondent to choose one. They can be about anything, from daily routines to personal preferences, making them an excellent tool for sparking conversation and breaking the ice.

Why Use ‘This or That’ Questions?

These questions are perfect for initiating conversations in various settings. Whether you are meeting someone new, mingling at a party, or trying to engage a group, ‘This or That’ questions can create a relaxed atmosphere and foster interesting discussions.

Benefits of Using ‘This or That’ Questions

  • Engagement: They encourage participation from everyone.
  • Ease of Use: Simple to understand and answer.
  • Versatility: Suitable for any occasion or setting.
  • Insightful: Provides a glimpse into personal preferences and personality traits.

Adult ‘This or That’ Questions

Romantic Preferences

  1. Romantic dinner or Casual date?
  2. Candlelight or Fairy lights?
  3. Flowers or Chocolates?
  4. Kissing or Hugging?
  5. Stay in or Go out?

Personal Preferences

  1. Wine or Whiskey?
  2. Luxury or Simplicity?
  3. Adventure or Relaxation?
  4. Late nights or Early mornings?
  5. Public displays of affection or Private affection?

Spicy Questions

  1. Truth or Dare?
  2. Kinky or Vanilla?
  3. Lingerie or Naked?
  4. Lights on or Lights off?
  5. Role play or Straightforward?

Party Preferences

  1. Nightclub or House party?
  2. Cocktail or Beer?
  3. Dance floor or Lounge area?
  4. DJ or Live band?
  5. Small gathering or Big crowd?

Lifestyle Choices

  1. City life or Country life?
  2. Spontaneity or Planning?
  3. Casual or Dressy?
  4. Staycation or Vacation?
  5. Fast cars or Motorbikes?

General ‘This or That’ Questions

Everyday Choices

  1. Wake up early or Sleep in?
  2. Shower or Bath?
  3. Tea or Coffee?
  4. Morning person or Night owl?
  5. Paper book or E-book?

Food and Drink Preferences

  1. Pizza or Burger?
  2. Sweet or Savory?
  3. Chocolate or Vanilla?
  4. Coke or Pepsi?
  5. Wine or Beer?

Seasonal Preferences

  1. Summer or Winter?
  2. Spring or Fall?
  3. Halloween or Christmas?
  4. Snow or Rain?
  5. Beach or Mountains?

Entertainment and Hobbies

Movies and TV Shows

  1. Comedy or Drama?
  2. Action or Romance?
  3. Horror or Thriller?
  4. Documentary or Fiction?
  5. Sitcom or Reality TV?

Music and Podcasts

  1. Pop or Rock?
  2. Jazz or Classical?
  3. Podcast or Audiobook?
  4. Live Music or Recorded?
  5. Headphones or Speakers?

Books and Reading

  1. Fiction or Non-fiction?
  2. Mystery or Fantasy?
  3. E-book or Paperback?
  4. Series or Standalone?
  5. Classic or Modern?

Travel and Adventure

Travel Destinations

  1. Europe or Asia?
  2. Beach vacation or City trip?
  3. Countryside or Urban?
  4. Tropical or Arctic?
  5. Road trip or Fly?

Adventure Activities

  1. Hiking or Biking?
  2. Skydiving or Scuba diving?
  3. Camping or Glamping?
  4. Skiing or Snowboarding?
  5. Safari or Cruise?

Relaxation vs. Adventure

  1. Spa day or Adventure park?
  2. Yoga retreat or Hiking expedition?
  3. Quiet cabin or Busy resort?
  4. Reading a book or Exploring a new city?
  5. Fishing or Surfing?

Technology and Gadgets

Devices and Gadgets

  1. Smartphone or Tablet?
  2. Laptop or Desktop?
  3. Wearable tech or Traditional watch?
  4. E-reader or Physical book?
  5. Smart home or Traditional home?

Social Media Preferences

  1. Facebook or Instagram?
  2. Twitter or LinkedIn?
  3. Snapchat or TikTok?
  4. YouTube or Netflix?
  5. Pinterest or Reddit?

Online Activities

  1. Shopping or Browsing?
  2. Streaming or Gaming?
  3. Blogging or Vlogging?
  4. Online classes or In-person classes?
  5. Social media or Email?

Lifestyle and Personal Preferences

Daily Habits

  1. Planning or Spontaneity?
  2. Morning workout or Evening workout?
  3. Reading or Watching TV?
  4. Cooking or Ordering out?
  5. Routine or Variety?

Fashion and Style

  1. Casual or Formal?
  2. Bright colors or Neutrals?
  3. Designer or High street?
  4. Sneakers or Heels?
  5. Vintage or Modern?

Health and Wellness

  1. Yoga or Pilates?
  2. Cardio or Strength training?
  3. Healthy eating or Indulgent eating?
  4. Meditation or Journaling?
  5. Spa day or Workout day?

Family and Relationships

Family Activities

  1. Board games or Outdoor games?
  2. Movie night or Game night?
  3. Picnic or BBQ?
  4. Theme park or Zoo?
  5. Beach day or Park day?

Relationship Dynamics

  1. Romantic or Practical gifts?
  2. Public display of affection or Private affection?
  3. Stay in or Go out?
  4. Long drives or Long walks?
  5. Shared hobbies or Individual hobbies?

Parenting Styles

  1. Strict or Lenient?
  2. Hands-on or Hands-off?
  3. Structured activities or Free play?
  4. Educational games or Fun games?
  5. Early bedtime or Flexible bedtime?

Work and Education

Work Preferences

  1. Work from home or Office?
  2. Solo projects or Team projects?
  3. Set hours or Flexible hours?
  4. Desk job or Field job?
  5. Startup or Established company?

Study Habits

  1. Group study or Solo study?
  2. Morning study or Night study?
  3. Digital notes or Handwritten notes?
  4. Flashcards or Quizzes?
  5. Long sessions or Short bursts?

Professional Development

  1. Workshops or Conferences?
  2. Mentoring or Coaching?
  3. Networking events or Online courses?
  4. Reading books or Watching webinars?
  5. Hands-on training or Theoretical learning?

Sports and Fitness

Sports Preferences

  1. Football or Basketball?
  2. Tennis or Badminton?
  3. Swimming or Running?
  4. Golf or Baseball?
  5. Boxing or Wrestling?

Fitness Routines

  1. Gym workout or Home workout?
  2. Personal trainer or Workout apps?
  3. Cardio or Weights?
  4. Group classes or Solo workout?
  5. Morning exercise or Evening exercise?

Outdoor vs. Indoor Activities

  1. Hiking or Gym?
  2. Running or Treadmill?
  3. Outdoor yoga or Indoor yoga?
  4. Biking or Spinning?
  5. Rock climbing or Wall climbing?

Pet Preferences

Types of Pets

  1. Dogs or Cats?
  2. Fish or Birds?
  3. Reptiles or Rodents?
  4. Large pets or Small pets?
  5. Exotic pets or Common pets?

Pet Care

  1. Home care or Professional care?
  2. Natural food or Processed food?
  3. Regular grooming or Occasional grooming?
  4. Training at home or Training classes?
  5. Pet insurance or No insurance?

Pet Personalities

  1. Active pets or Calm pets?
  2. Affectionate pets or Independent pets?
  3. Indoor pets or Outdoor pets?
  4. Playful pets or Quiet pets?
  5. Guard pets or Companion pets?

Cultural Preferences

Arts and Literature

  1. Painting or Sculpture?
  2. Theater or Cinema?
  3. Classical music or Modern music?
  4. Poetry or Prose?
  5. Art galleries or Street art?

Historical vs. Modern

  1. Ancient history or Modern history?
  2. Classical literature or Contemporary literature?
  3. Old movies or New movies?
  4. Vintage fashion or Modern fashion?
  5. Historic sites or Modern landmarks?

Traditional vs. Contemporary

  1. Traditional cuisine or Modern cuisine?
  2. Old traditions or New traditions?
  3. Cultural festivals or Music festivals?
  4. Handmade crafts or Digital art?
  5. Classic decor or Modern decor?

Financial Preferences

Spending Habits

  1. Save or Spend?
  2. Budget or No budget?
  3. Cash or Card?
  4. Impulse buying or Planned purchases?
  5. Thrifty or Splurge?

Saving Strategies

  1. Short-term savings or Long-term savings?
  2. Emergency fund or Retirement fund?
  3. Savings account or Investment account?
  4. Saving for experiences or Saving for items?
  5. Automated savings or Manual savings?

Investment Choices

  1. Stocks or Bonds?
  2. Real estate or Mutual funds?
  3. Crypto or Traditional investments?
  4. High risk or Low risk?
  5. Diversified portfolio or Focused portfolio?

Home and Living

Home Decor

  1. Minimalist or Maximalist?
  2. Modern or Rustic?
  3. Neutral tones or Bold colors?
  4. DIY or Professional help?
  5. Smart home or Traditional home?

Living Arrangements

  1. City living or Suburban living?
  2. House or Apartment?
  3. Open floor plan or Separate rooms?
  4. Shared living or Solo living?
  5. Urban or Rural?

DIY vs. Professional Help

  1. DIY repairs or Hire a handyman?
  2. Home renovation or Move to a new place?
  3. Gardening or Landscaping?
  4. Decorate yourself or Interior designer?
  5. Self-moving or Professional movers?

Holiday and Festive Choices

Holiday Celebrations

  1. Christmas or New Year’s?
  2. Thanksgiving or Easter?
  3. Halloween or Valentine’s Day?
  4. Fourth of July or Memorial Day?
  5. Hanukkah or Diwali?

Festive Activities

  1. Decorating or Baking?
  2. Gift giving or Receiving gifts?
  3. Holiday parties or Quiet celebrations?
  4. Traveling or Staying home?
  5. Family gatherings or Friends gatherings?

Holiday Travel

  1. Road trip or Flight?
  2. Staycation or Vacation abroad?
  3. Winter getaway or Summer retreat?
  4. Visiting family or Exploring new places?
  5. Solo travel or Group travel?


Summary of the Benefits of ‘This or That’ Questions

‘This or That’ questions are an incredibly versatile tool for sparking conversations and breaking the ice in any setting. They are simple yet effective in engaging people and uncovering interesting insights about their preferences and personalities.

Encouragement to Use These Questions

Next time you find yourself in need of a conversation starter, try using some of these ‘This or That’ questions. They can make interactions more fun and dynamic, whether you’re at a party, a meeting, or just chatting with friends.

Final Thoughts

From casual hangouts to professional settings, ‘This or That’ questions are a great way to bring people together and learn more about each other in a light-hearted manner. So, don’t hesitate to use them and enjoy the interesting conversations that follow!


1.What are some unique ‘This or That’ questions?

Unique ‘This or That’ questions could include quirky or uncommon topics like “Alien encounter or Time travel?” or “Live in a treehouse or a castle?”.

2.How can I use ‘This or That’ questions in a professional setting?

In professional settings, use these questions during team-building exercises, icebreaker sessions at meetings, or even in interviews to understand candidate preferences.

3.Can ‘This or That’ questions be used in educational environments?

Absolutely! Teachers can use them to engage students, encourage participation, and make learning interactive and fun.

4.How often should I use ‘This or That’ questions in conversation?

Use them as often as you like, but ensure it feels natural. Overuse might make conversations feel scripted, so balance them with organic dialogue.

5.Are there any situations where ‘This or That’ questions might not be appropriate?

While generally versatile, avoid using them in very formal settings or sensitive discussions where they might seem trivial or out of place.


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