How to Save a TikTok Draft Video in Gallery | TikTok Draft video Download

A TikTok video can be easily saved as a file, but can it also be saved to your gallery?

TikTok is the best platform for video editing because of its wide selection of filters, editing tools, music, and other features.

In fact, some users alter their videos on TikTok before removing the watermark.

It can be challenging to save a TikTok video to your gallery or camera roll.

This is due to the lack of a straight save option from the editing panel.

As a result, many TikTok users are unsure of how to save their edited draughts to their phone’s gallery.

You’ll discover how to save a TikTok draught video in your phone gallery in 3 easy steps in this instruction.

How to save TikTok draft video in gallery

You must first navigate to the TikTok draught video on your profile in order to store it in your gallery.

The video must then be made private, and before posting it, make sure “Save to device” is enabled.

You might also use the screen recorder on your phone to capture the footage.

You can access the TikTok draught you saved under your profile.

You only need to tap on the draught and then tap on its caption to alter it.

You cannot, however, simply save the movie to the gallery on your phone.

You must publish the video in order to save it.

To your followers and other users’ “For You” pages, the video will be visible after you post the draught, though.

You must make your video private if you don’t want it to be seen by everyone.

Thankfully, TikTok users can modify the privacy settings for their videos.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to save your TikTok draught video to your phone’s gallery and make it private.

Step 1: Navigate to the draft video

Open TikTok > Your Profile > Drafts.

Open TikTok on your phone to get started.

Then, you must find the TikTok draught video that you saved earlier.

Make sure to record a video first if you haven’t already.

To save the video to your draughts, tap the “Draughts” button after that.

Tap the “Me” icon in the bottom navigation bar to access your draughts.

You’ll then be taken to your profile, where you may view your films.

You’ll see a rectangle with the word “Draughts” in it on your videos.

To view your draft(s), tap on the “Draughts” rectangle.

Learn how to edit the draught so that you may save it by moving on to the following stage.

Step 2: Tap on the draft to edit it

Navigate to the draft that you want to save > Tap on the draft to edit it.

You can view a list of your draughts after tapping on “Your Draughts.”

According to most recently edited, your draughts will be arranged.

As a result, the most recent edits to a draught will be displayed first in the list.

Tap on the video’s caption to edit the wording.

You will see the words “Add a caption” if you haven’t added one to the video.

Additionally, you can tap on the video to edit it.

Additionally, you’ll see on the screen that the top navigation bar has a “Select” option.

The “Select” option is solely for deleting videos, so do not tap on it.
Tap on the video or the caption of the video instead.

Step 3: Private the video and enable “Save to device”

Who can watch this video > Private > “X” icon > Enable “Save to device” > Post.

You’ll find a space to enter a caption for the video once you’re on the editing screen.

Below it, you’ll also see a number of other choices.

The option to save the draught to your gallery is not available on TikTok.

You must post it first before you can save it to your gallery.

The video will be visible to everyone if you post it without altering the privacy settings, though.

Therefore, you must switch the video’s privacy settings from public to private before posting it.

To begin, click the “Who can watch this video” option.
You will have three options to select from after tapping the tab, including “Everyone,” “Friends,” and “Private.”

Using the word “everyone” indicates that everyone will be able to view your video.

“Friends” restricts access to your video to your followers who follow you back.

Only the video is visible when “private” is selected.

Tap the “X” icon after choosing the “Private” option to make your movie private.

You must allow “Save to device” for the video to be saved to your gallery.

The video will be saved to your device when you submit it if “Save to device” is enabled on TikTok.

The video must be manually saved to your gallery if you don’t enable automatic saving to your gallery.

Finally, click “Post” to publish the video in private.

The video will be stored to your gallery once you’ve posted it.

Can I save a TikTok draft?

Yes, but only after you post a TikTok draught can you save it.
You won’t be able to save the draught to your gallery or camera roll if you don’t upload it.
Everyone may view a draught video that has been posted on TikTok.
Therefore, you must make sure that you changed its privacy setting from “Everyone” to “Private” before posting it.
The “Save to device” option should also be enabled.

How do I continue editing a TikTok draft?

To continue altering a TikTok draught, follow these steps:

  1. By tapping the “Me” symbol on TikTok, you may see your profile page.
  2. By tapping “Draughts” after you’re on your profile, you may access your draughts.
  3. Click the caption or the video to play it.
  4. In order to continue editing it, tap the back icon.
  5. You can touch the back symbol once again to continue shooting it on the editing screen.

Finally, clicking the “X” icon will end the current editing session.


With TikTok’s extensive selection of editing tools, users can add even more creativity to their films.

In fact, some users edit their films within the app and then save the results to their phone’s gallery.

A TikTok video can currently only be saved after it has been posted.

If you don’t want anyone to see the video, you must first be sure to make it private.

The “Save to device” option can then be turned on to save it to your gallery.

You can screen record the draught on your device rather than sharing it if you don’t want to.



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