How to Make High Quality TikTok Videos | Creating Professional TikTok Videos

Make sure your video is of great quality before publishing it on TikTok.

Otherwise, it’s possible that your video won’t appear on the “For You” page.

Videos that are posted on TikTok occasionally blur.

It can be frustrating when that occurs because the video you’ve captured might not be hazy.

However, after you upload it, its quality degrades. Why is this the case?

Learn how to create high-quality TikTok videos, why your video quality is poor, and more in this post.

You ought to be able to post videos to TikTok that are of higher quality by the end of this article.

How to Make High Quality TikTok Videos

  • You must disable TikTok’s “Data Saving” option in order to create high-quality TikTok videos.
  • Additionally, use the rear-facing camera to record rather than the front-facing one.
  • Your cellular data usage is reduced via the “Data Saving” feature.
  • However, videos will load more slowly and have lower resolutions.
  • Therefore, if you have that option selected, your video’s quality will suffer.
  • A front-facing camera has more megapixels than a rear-facing camera, which brings us to our second point.
  • Therefore, using the rear-facing camera to record your videos will result in higher-quality videos.
  • You should switch to the rear-facing camera if you have been recording using the front-facing camera.
  • Try asking someone to record your video instead of recording it yourself.

Below is a couple of steps (with screenshots) on how you can make better quality TikToks.


Step 1: Turn off the “Data Saving” feature on TikTok

Open TikTok > tap on the “Me” icon to go to your profile > three dots icon.

Turning off “Data Saving” is the first step to producing high-quality TikTok videos.

Your cellular data usage is reduced via the “Data Saving” feature.

Enabling this feature can prevent your data from going over your monthly limit if you’re using local data (such as 4G).

The “Data Saving” function will, however, lower the video quality on TikTok.

Additionally, it will slow down the loading of the videos on your “For You” page.

Therefore, you must disable it in order to create better TikToks.

Start by launching the TikTok app on your phone.

To access your profile once you’ve opened the app, tap the “Me” icon in the bottom navigation bar.

Tap on the three dots icon to open the settings and privacy page.

Cache & Cellular Data > Data Saver.

There are many options available for you to select from on the settings and privacy page.

The “Cache & Cellular Data” heading can be found by scrolling down the page.

You can choose “Data Saver” from the menu under the “Cache & Cellular Data” header.

You should disable this option if you want your TikTok movies to be of higher quality.

Click “Data Saver” to access the data saver page.

Turn off the “Data Saver” feature by tapping on the switch once.

You’ll find the “Data Saver” option on the data saver page.

You can leave the option off if it is selected as off.

However, if the option is activated or if you’ve previously activated it, you must deactivate it.

Tap the switch once to disable the “Data Saver” function.

The switch is off if it is grey, which indicates.

To return to your profile, hit the back icon once to leave the page and once more to enter.

Your TikTok videos will have better quality now that the “Data Saver” feature has been disabled.


Step 2: Record using the rear-facing camera

  • Record using your phone’s rear-facing camera instead of its front-facing camera.
  • The second step is to switch to using the rear-facing camera while recording your TikTok movies rather than the front-facing camera.
  • The camera on the back of your phone, as shown in the image above, is the rear-facing camera.
  • The front-facing camera is generally used when making a video of yourself.
  • This is so that you can see both your own image and how long the movie is at the moment.
  • But compared to the rear-facing camera, the front-facing camera is of lower quality.
  • The front-facing camera only has 7 megapixels, while the rear camera has a resolution of 12 megapixels.

Therefore, ask someone to record the video for you (using the rear-facing camera) rather than recording it yourself (using the front-facing camera) if you want to create a high-quality TikTok video.


Why is my TikTok video quality bad?

Your TikTok video quality is poor likely because the app’s “Data Saver” function is turned on.

Additionally, the quality of your video will be diminished if you recorded it with your phone’s front-facing camera.

The resolution of videos on TikTok will be reduced by the “Data Saver” feature.

The quality of a video recorded using a phone’s front-facing camera will also suffer.


My TikTok videos are coming out blurry when I upload them, how can I fix this?

When you submit videos to TikTok, if they appear blurry, it’s probably because the app’s “Data Saver” function is turned on.

You must turn off TikTok’s “Data Saver” option in order to repair the issue.

In order to access your profile, first open TikTok and tap on the “Me” icon in the bottom navigation bar.

Then, tap the “Data Saver” option from the three dots in the top right corner of your profile, then tap the switch to make it inactive.



Naturally, better videos perform better on TikTok than poorer videos.

You must make sure that your video is of great quality if you wish to appear on the “For You” page.

If not, your chances of appearing on the “For You” tab are slim because your video won’t engage viewers very effectively.

As an added bonus, if you’re using an iOS smartphone, go to settings > camera > record video to boost the resolution of your video.

Select “4K at 30 fps” once you’re in the “Record Video” settings.

You’ll be able to record TikTok videos with improved quality thanks to this.

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