How to Hide Videos on TikTok | TikTok video privacy settings | How to make TikTok videos private

Normally, you would delete a TikTok video if you wanted to take it down.

You can, however, choose to hide the video from your TikTok profile rather than delete it.

You can archive your posts on social media networks like Instagram to make them invisible.

A post will be moved from your feed to your archives when it is archived.

As a result, that post won’t appear in your followers’ feeds.

This is a terrific alternative to deleting your postings since, should you change your mind, you can put it back up on your feed.

Although TikTok does not allow you to archive videos, there is a way to remove them from your profile.

How to Hide Videos on TikTok

You must switch the privacy option of the video from “Everyone” to “Private” in order to conceal it on TikTok.

The video will be removed from your stream once you set the privacy option to “Private” on it.

By using the “lock” icon on your profile, only you have access to it.

The exact video you’ve set to “Private” on your profile won’t be visible to your followers.

The “Private” option is comparable to Instagram’s “Archive” feature.

A step-by-step tutorial for hiding movies on TikTok is provided below (along with screenshots).

1. Navigate to the video and tap on the three dots

Open TikTok > navigate to the video that you want to hide > three dots.

You must set a TikTok video’s privacy to “Private” in order to make it invisible.

When you tap on the three dots on a video’s left sidebar, the privacy setting will appear.

Start by opening TikTok on your smartphone.

Go to your profile and the video you wish to hide after that.

When you’ve located the video you want to conceal, tap it to watch it.

Your profile icon, the comments icon, and the three dots icon can all be found in the right sidebar.

Click the three dots located beneath the comment symbol.

You’ll discover where the privacy settings are located in the following step.

2. Tap on “Privacy settings”

Scroll to the right of the navigation menu > Privacy settings.

The three dots icon will open a menu for navigation after you tap on it.

There are numerous sharing choices, including WhatsApp, Message, Instagram, and others, on the navigation menu.

There are other options available beneath the sharing icons.

Find the “Privacy settings” option by scrolling to the very right of it.

To access the video’s privacy options, tap “Privacy settings.”

You’ll discover how to modify your privacy settings to remove your video from your profile in the following two stages.

3. Tap on “Who can watch this video”

Tap on “Who can watch this video”.

You may access the video’s privacy settings by tapping on the “Privacy settings” link.

You can adjust a variety of things on the privacy settings for the video.

The “Who can watch this video” option, “Allow comments”, “Allow Duet”, and “Allow Stitch” options are available.

The “Who can watch this video” option is where you want to be going because it lets you modify the video’s privacy settings.

To limit who may watch the video, click “Who can watch this video?”

You’ll discover how to private your video in the final stage to keep it off of your profile.

4. Select “Private”

Change the video’s privacy setting from “Everyone” to “Private”.

You’ll be able to manage who can watch your video once you’ve selected the “Who can watch this video” setting.

You have the choice between three options: Everyone, Friends, and Private.

Your video will be seen by all users of TikTok if you choose the “Everyone” option.

As a result, your movie will appear on other users’ “For You” pages and, if you’ve included hashtags in the caption, may also appear in hashtag search results.

Second, choosing the “Friends” option limits the viewers of your video to the people you follow.

The “Private” option, last but not least, stops anyone besides you from viewing your movie.

To remove your TikTok video from your profile, select “Private” from the drop-down menu.

When you return to your profile after selecting the “Private” option, the video will have vanished.

Tap on the lock icon on your profile to get to it.

Congratulations, you’ve figured out how to keep your TikTok videos and posts hidden.

Can you hide your TikTok video from someone?

You must block that person if you wish to keep their view of your TikTok video private.

Go to the user’s profile and hit the three dots button to block them on TikTok.

Finally, click “Block” to stop the user from accessing TikTok.

Once the user has been blocked, they won’t be able to access your profile or find your video(s) on their “For You” page.

How do you stop someone from seeing your TikToks without blocking them?

You can adjust the privacy of your video(s) to “Friends” or “Private” to prevent someone from seeing your TikToks without blocking them.

Navigate to the video > three dots > Privacy settings > to do this. This movie can be seen by friends or in private.

Only your followers who follow you can watch your video if the privacy settings have been changed to “Friends”.

This implies that they won’t be able to see your video if you’re not following them.

However, setting your video’s privacy to “Private” will make it invisible to everyone but you.


Sometimes it’s vital to remove a video from TikTok since you could regret sharing it.

A TikTok video can be naturally removed from your profile by being deleted.

A better option, though, is to remove it from your feed so you can put it back there later if you change your mind.

As a result, switching the privacy option for the video from “Everyone” to “Private” is the best course of action.


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