How to Download YouTube Videos to Your iPhone Camera Roll

YouTube consumes a lot of data, so it makes sense to download videos to your iPhone. It’s challenging to watch YouTube offline, though.

YouTube Premium allows you to watch without advertisements and download videos for offline watching if you don’t mind paying for it. However, doing so still necessitates using the YouTube app to see the videos.

What if you want to download YouTube videos to your iPhone’s Camera Roll so you can watch them later? We’ll demonstrate how to do that without jailbreaking or doing anything else dubious.

How to Download YouTube Videos to the iPhone Camera Roll

Sadly, most iPhone YouTube video downloader apps that are released on the App Store are short-lived. Since Apple will eventually eliminate all of things, you should refrain from utilising any of them. For more information on this, see our discussion on whether it is appropriate to download YouTube videos.

Thankfully, it’s still rather simple to download YouTube videos to your iPhone. All that’s needed is a quick workaround with a browser.

Install the free Documents by Readdle app first. It’s a file organiser with a built-in web browser, which makes it useful for saving YouTube videos to the Camera Roll and downloading them.

Finding the YouTube video you want to download is the next step. To do this, open the video in the official YouTube app, tap Share, and then select Copy link.

Go to the Documents app after you’ve copied the link. The first time you use it, you’ll probably have to go through a brief introduction, but you can ignore the suggestion to upgrade to the app’s premium edition.

To access the app’s built-in browser after entering Documents, hit the Browser icon in the bottom-right corner. then navigate to a service like Btclod or X2Download that allows you to download YouTube videos. In case one of those options no longer works, try searching Google for a similar site.

Downloading the YouTube Video to Your iPhone

To add the link to your YouTube video, press inside the Search or paste bar on the download site, then select Paste. To begin converting the video to a downloadable format, tap the button next to the field.

The website ought to produce download links for your video shortly. You might simply see one link, numerous links for several levels of quality, or even the choice to download just the audio, depending on the specific website you visit (MP3). Select the desired quality by tapping the Video selection or a comparable choice.

In the sample below, the 480p version is only 20MB while the 1080p version is approximately 95MB.

When your video is prepared, click the Download link to begin downloading it. A Documents window with options for saving the file will appear as a result.

Change the Name if you’d like to something more succinct or descriptive. Unless you wish to transfer it somewhere else, the My Files/Downloads default save location is OK. Additionally, if you wish to save subsequent downloads to the same folder automatically, uncheck the Ask me every time slider.

To download the YouTube video to your iPhone, select Done. On the Documents app’s bottom toolbar, click the Downloads button to view its status.

Moving the YouTube Video to Your Camera Roll

The downloaded video must now be moved in order to appear on your Camera Roll. Additionally, the Documents app makes this simple.

To exit the online browser and return to the file manager, tap the Folder icon in the bottom left corner of the application. The Downloads folder should be accessible under the main My Files heading. Open the folder where you saved the video if you didn’t save it to the Downloads folder by default.

Select Move by clicking the Ellipsis icon next to the newly downloaded file. You ought to see a Photos folder under My Files on the Move to page. To check it, select Photos. You will be prompted to provide the Documents app access to your images due to privacy features on recent iOS versions. For it to function properly, tap Allow Access to All Photos.

Once that is finished, use the Move button in the top-right corner to finish the procedure.

A YouTube video has now been successfully downloaded to your Camera Roll. Open the Photos app on your phone to see it. The Recents folder on the Albums tab and the Videos option under Media Types at the bottom of the Albums page will both display your new video. It will also appear under Library > All Photos as the most recent item.

If you’d prefer, you can also open and view the movie in the Documents app to access more features like altering the zoom and the playback gestures.

Other Ways to Download YouTube Videos to Your iPhone

Since many people choose to save YouTube videos directly to their Camera Roll, we detailed the process in the section above. However, there are other methods for downloading YouTube videos on your iPhone or iPad.

As previously noted, YouTube Premium has a number of advantages. One of the biggest is the ability to download videos for offline viewing at any time. The monthly fee is worthwhile if you frequently watch videos on your iPhone while offline. Additionally, since this is an established technique, you aren’t taking a chance on breaching the law.

You just need to tap Download on any video in the app if you have YouTube Premium. All of your downloaded videos will be saved in one location for simple viewing. They will expire if you stop using YouTube Premium, and you cannot export them to watch outside of the YouTube app.

You can use a bulk YouTube downloader on your desktop, which is quicker, if you don’t want to pay for Premium. Once the videos have been converted on your computer, move the files to your iPhone wirelessly or via a USB cable.

If that doesn’t work, you can record the video while it is playing on your iPhone using a cumbersome but workable workaround. However, this necessitates watching the entire video, which isn’t the best option. Additionally, the video’s quality isn’t the best.

Download YouTube Videos to iPhone and Watch Them Anywhere

By using these techniques, you can download YouTube videos on your iPhone and watch them without using the YouTube app or service. Most individuals find that the Camera Roll option works best because it makes the information easily available and eliminates the need to transfer any files from another device.

There is a lot to watch on YouTube, so if you’re unsure what to download, make sure you keep up with the top YouTube channels.




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