How to Delete a TikTok Video | Remove TikTok Video | Delete TikTok Content

You might need to delete one of your TikTok videos at some point as a creator.

Your prior videos on TikTok may no longer be pertinent to your topic if you have been continuously publishing content there.

Other times, the quality of your old videos might be so poor that you want to get rid of them.

In that situation, you have the option of deleting your TikTok video or adjusting its privacy settings.

You can remove the video from your profile if you’re sure you don’t want it to remain on TikTok.

However, altering the video’s privacy settings is a better idea if you intend to display it on your profile in the future.


How to delete a TikTok video

Navigate to the video you want to delete on TikTok, then tap the three dots.

Then, to remove the video, scroll to the far right of the navigation menu and select “Delete.”

The video will no longer be shown on your profile after you have erased it.

Your video will no longer appear on other users’ “For You” pages.

Remember that this process is permanent and that you cannot get back the video you erased.

Therefore, check to see if you’ve saved a TikTok video to your camera roll before deleting it.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to undo your choice if you later come to regret it.

Delete a TikTok video using these steps:

  1. Navigate to the video
  2. Tap on the three dots
  3. Tap on “Delete”

1. Navigate to the video

Open TikTok > go to your profile > navigate to the video that you want to delete.

Navigating to the video you wish to remove on TikTok is the first step in the deletion process.

Open TikTok on your phone to get started.

To visit your profile, touch on the profile symbol in the bottom navigation bar.

You may view all of your TikTok-posted videos on your profile.

Enter the location of the video you wish to remove.

Finally, tap the video to view it expanded.

You’ve successfully found the TikTok video you want to delete.

You’ll discover the location of the “Delete” button in the subsequent steps.

2. Tap on the three dots

On the right sidebar of the video, tap on the three dots.

The video will begin playing once you have found it and selected it for deletion.

Your profile image, a heart, a chat symbol, and three dots are the only icons in the sidebar to the right of the video.

You may access your TikTok profile by tapping on your profile photo.

While tapping the comment icon will open the video’s comment section, tapping the heart icon will like the video.

The three dots icon is the one you should be tapping.

Click the three dots icon that appears under the remark icon.

the three-dot icon for sharing, editing, and other functions of the video.
You’ll discover how to remove the video from your profile in the last stage.

3. Tap on “Delete”

On the navigation menu, scroll to the extreme right > tap on “Delete”.

The video must be removed from your profile as the final step.

A menu will appear after you have clicked on the three dots on the video.

You can share the video with people outside of TikTok, send it to someone on TikTok, and edit the video using the navigation menu.

The analytics option (if you have a business account), the save video option, the duet option, etc. are all located on the last section of the navigation menu.

The “Delete” option can be found towards the end of the section if you scroll all the way to the extreme right of it.

To remove the TikTok video from your profile, select “Delete” from the menu.

The video will thereafter be gone when you return to your profile.

Congrats, you’ve successfully deleted a TikTok video.


How to delete someone else’s TikTok video

You have two options for removing someone else’s TikTok video: report it to TikTok or submit a copyright infringement complaint.

However, the video won’t be removed unless the user does so themselves if it does not violate your copyright or TikTok’s community guidelines.

You can file a complaint with TikTok and request that they remove a video that you think violates your copyright.

On the other hand, you can report a video on TikTok if it contravenes one or more of the community guidelines.

Navigate to the video, tap the share icon, then tap “Report” to report a video on TikTok.


Is it bad to delete TikTok videos?

Your organic reach is not significantly impacted by deleting your TikTok videos.

Your views and interaction will decrease if your video is removed for breaking TikTok’s community guidelines, though.

Although it’s generally safe to delete your TikTok videos, it’s preferable to make them private.

If a TikTok video has likes, keep in mind that deleting it will reduce your total number of likes.

Therefore, you might want to think about making the video private rather than deleting it if it has a lot of likes.



The decision to delete your TikTok videos has a few benefits.

First, to maintain consistency among your videos, delete any older ones that are no longer pertinent to your niche.

Second, eliminating your excessive number of poor-performing videos will guarantee that your profile only contains high-quality videos.

People are more likely to follow you and watch your films if you do it that way.

In either case, removing your TikTok movies from your feed will help you organize it.

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