How to Get the AI Style Filter on TikTok – Enhance Your Videos with Artistic Effects

Are you trying to access TikTok’s AI Style filter?

The use of AI filters on TikTok has exploded.

People can become an animated version of themselves thanks to filters like the AI Manga filter.

On the other hand, the AI Style filter has the ability to transform you into a mermaid, golden statue, and other things.

You can change your face, tattoo, or pet using the AI Style filter on TikTok by following the instructions in this guide.

What is the AI Style filter on TikTok?

Artificial intelligence is used by the AI Style filter to turn a person or an object into fantastical artwork.

The filter is renowned for turning humans into mermaids or golden statues.

Futurism, surrealism, and cyberpunk are among more themes.

Using the filter on a tattoo to change it is a common trend on TikTok.

How to get the AI Style filter on TikTok

You must hit the “+” icon, choose “Effects”, then look for and select “AI Style” in order to access the AI Style filter on TikTok.

As an alternative, you can access the filter by choosing “AI Style” while watching a video that employs it.

  • Tap the “+” symbol in TikTok after opening it.
  • By tapping the search symbol, choose “Effects”.
  • Select “AI Style” after conducting a search for it.
  • To apply the filter, tap on the screen or upload a picture.

You can transform into an AI-generated version of yourself by tapping the screen when the camera is pointed in your direction.

The filter is renowned for transforming humans into mermaids and golden sculptures.

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