AI Filter on TikTok – Unleash Your Creativity with Artificial Intelligence

Recently, TikTok has been dominated by the AI Manga (Anime) filter and other artificial intelligence filters.

Almost 9.8 million videos use the filter, which is a large number.

It can be used to people, things, and even your friends.

It’s possible that if you apply the filter to yourself, you’ll become an anime character.

With TikTok, there are several AI filters, so you need to pick the perfect one.

These filters can be found on many social media sites, however TikTok is where the original versions of several of them originated.

In this article, you’ll learn what is the AI trend on TikTok, examples of it, how to do the trend, and trending AI filters right now.

AI trend on TikTok examples

An AI created a video of a girl’s painting being transformed into animation by @faithcatalyst.

With a Sakura tree in the background, the AI was able to transform the girl into an anime version of herself.

It received more than 300 likes and over 20k views.

Using the filter, @cel.celline uploaded a video of herself.

She took a selfie of herself, and the AI transformed her into a white-gowned anime bride.

Almost 4.8 million people watched the video, and over 900 people commented.

Where did that hood come from? is the video’s translated caption.

What is the AI trend on TikTok?

In TikTok, creating an AI version of oneself, another person, or an object is popular, and users publish the results.

The AI Portrait filter, which is comparable to Lensa AI, is currently the most popular fashion trend.

The “AI Manga” effect may also turn a picture into an anime.

The “Meitu” app, which produces AI painting slideshows, and the “Lensa AI” app, which produces AI versions of selfies, are other popular trends.

The “AI Art” filter, which transforms anything into a painting, was the preceding AI fad.

The most popular AI filters right now on TikTok are listed below:

First, use the AI Portrait filter at

Second, use the AI Manga filter at

Third, option is Meitu (AI drawing slideshows) at

Forth, Lensa AI (artificial intelligence avatars):

Fifth, The AI Art filter can be found at

Try upgrading TikTok or emptying its cache if you don’t have the filter.

Please be aware that some filters aren’t available in all nations.

How to do the AI trend on TikTok

You must first look for and download the “AI Manga” filter in order to participate in the TikTok AI craze.

Once the filter has been downloaded, choose it and point your camera at something or someone.

Lastly, tap on your screen to activate the filter and turn the person or thing into anime.

You can apply the filter to an already-taken picture by choosing it from your gallery.

Method 1: Take a photo of yourself or an object

  1. TikTok should be launched. Click the “+” icon.
  2. Find “AI Manga” and click on it.
  3. Snap a picture of yourself, another person, or a specific item.
  4. To transform the image into anime, tap on the screen.

Method 2: Choose an existing photo from your library

  • Open TikTok then click on the “+” icon and then click on Effects.
  • Search for “AI Manga” and select it.
  • Choose “Upload” and choose an existing photo from your gallery.
  • Click on the screen to turn the photo into anime.



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